Thursday, 10th April 2014

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For years now it seems that America and its NATO allies - egged on by Israel - have had a real urge to take over the whole of the Middle East region, whether for oil or the trade of oil in dollars or whatever, and it seemed that they were about to play the 'chemical weapons' card as an excuse to attack Syria.

Now though, the Russians - long opposed to any attack of their ally Syria - seem to have pulled off a master stroke by suggesting that if those weapons are removed then there's no reason for NATO to attack as advertised & theoretically justified.

Clearly the US & friends have no option but to at least pretend to agree (or they'd look stupid) but my guess is that they'll only play along for so long until there is another opportunity to claim that Syria has been terribly naughty and must be destroyed, sorry 'rescued from itself'

what does anyone reckon...?
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