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Good evening, Beau Here It that time of year again, time for da fireworks to start them pop-pop-bang-flash-bangity-bang-bang. Now some furkids don’t get bothered by fireworks, but most don't like them an some are absolutely terrified of them. Remember that we do not see these as fun like you, we aren't standing waiting for the lovely bright colours, we does all of a sudden here a huge scary bang!   Dogs can hear sound up to 4 times farther than you hoomins, so we hears the fireworks from all over the place, an it gets very annoying! The bang-bang go on for hours, an each one makes us jump.. how would you feel if me stand behind you an at random time just barks at the top of ma voice? it get annoying wouldn’t it?!   As Pet owners you has to help us out this time of the year, first things first - think...
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Hi Everypawdy,  In this short Blog I would like to give you all some basic infurmation, and layout the basics for a doggy First Aid Kit to keep handy, hopefully you will never need it but it is always better to be safe!    Some Basics  Normal Dog Temperature  A dogs rectal-temperature is normally 39C. We only know this coz we wuz told, there no vet in the land that gonnapersuade Beau that him need his temperature take, I has heard what did happen last time an it not a pretty picture... as for me a Princess no has temperature taken like that, perish the thought!!    Bee Stings  OK so this close to ma heart, as I did get stung by a bee when me wuz little puppy.. I hurts an is scary! Ma whole muzzle did swell up, an I did has go see vet, an gots injection...
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Hi Everypawdy, Lexi here.  Beau and I would like to share some of the new knowledge that our hoomins has on doggy first-aid that they did learn at the seminar last night – seminar is a big word for “night out without us but with all the doggy friends”!!   The first, and we thinks most impawtant, thing we want to share is about poisonous things. There is many websites available that discuss this topic, but still there are lots of hoomins who aren’t sure, or don’t even realise that there is lots of everyday items that are toxic to us dogs.   See we dogs rely on our hoomins to take care of us as we don't always know that things are dangerous and bad for us. If something sniffs good we is gonna taste it, an if it tastes good well we gonna eat or drink it – you has to be...
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Hi everyone So this evening our hoomins were at a First Aid event for peoples who is involved in Animal Welfare, wit was organised by the lovely staff at Cromlyn House Vet Hospital, in Hillsborough, along with Animal Connexions Charity. Them has come home with more knowledge about stuffs to do with our health and things to help in emergencies... this is especially good for when there fosters, or them gets called out with the micro-chip scanner, so for when other peoples asks advice. Now all the peoples who was there can be a little more prepared, an if the actions of one of them saves a life at some point in the future then what a pawsome evening!!! We would like to share some of this impawtant information with all of you over the next few blog entries.. it way past doggy-bedtime in this house to be doing any serious...
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Hi Everypawdy, We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Lexi & Beau (Border Collie & GSD), and one of our special friends over on our Facebook page asked us to start a supa blog on here. We would love to share our view of the world and some stories to makes people smile. :)So who are Lexi & Beau, and why do we have a facebook page.... Lexi : I is a 4 year old, small, Border Collie, an yes me has a few interesting pawsonality traits... I diagnosed OCD, which make ma hoomins life fun sometimes, and I have a few allergies that we has to deal with. Apart from that I love a tennis ball and running as fast as I can! My hoomins 'rescued' me an my litter from being given away to goodness knows who on a free advertising site. See ma hoomins is involved in...
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